Found Object Mixed Media Box Art Assemblage

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Gallery 15       2008
Show Time, Traveling Musicians,

Gallery 14         2007-2008
A Dog’s Sagacity,  La Faute du Francais, A Tour Through Arizona

Gallery 13         2007
A Conjuror’s Trick,  Cheap Tours Abroad, Among the Boomerang Folks, A Bird s Fear of Death

Gallery 12           2006-2007
Childhood Fear,  Earth Shrine for the Nighttime, Dizzy in Cloudland,  The DenApp Project

Gallery 11           2006
With Musical Accompaniment,  Noodleing The Groove, Piano Box Mummer,  Camels

Gallery 10         2005-2006
Queen Mary on wheels,  Brown Family Bible, Shaman W/Carol Channing Grin

Gallery 9           2004-2005
Reliquary of St. Fido, Threefold,   Populated Playfield,  UB26R or J48

Gallery 8             2003
Pia cello, Schoolhouse Chair, What?

Gallery 7               2003
Bingo Box, Symaratan, Monkey Box,  Impacta

Gallery 6           2002-2003
Eye in the sky,  #61,  Block Box,  Ascension

Gallery  5     2001-2002
All Eyes,  With Duck,  Crimea Riva,  San Fernando Valley Pure Olive Oil

Gallery 4           2001
Malcolm’s Accession, Gammy’s Modern Apt., Forgotten Friends, Untitled#1

Gallery 3               2001
Dreamscape,  Yello Cola, Red Cola,  Rajat Explains

Gallery 2           2001
Membo#3, ShedShelf, Phoenicia, Perishable

Gallery 1           1999-2000
In Memoria,  Membo#2,  Membo#4,  Membo#5