Found Object Mixed Media Box Art Assemblage

I think, therefore I art!

FOMMBAA (fom’-ba) is an acronym for Found Object Mixed Media Box Art Assemblage.
I think, therefore I art! is a 40-page book containing over 50 images with humorous
commentary. The book is a great browse and a really fun read. It has colorful  pictures
of Harvee’s artwork and whimsical features like The Proust Questionnaire, book reviews,
comments about Harvee’s art, and a free novelty offer. The book is available from
Blurb.com in both hardcover and softcover editions. Makes a great gift!
Preview the book by clicking on the Blurb link below.

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Other books featuring Harvee’s work (from Kennedy Publishing)
These beautiful volumes contain works by numerous mixed-media artists. The artists are the winners of juried competitions, one drawn from American entries and one drawn from world-wide entries. To preview each volume please click the book title below.

Best of America, Mixed Media Artists and Artisans, Vol.1 - 2007

Best of the World, Mixed Media Artists and Artisans, Vol.1 - 2010

Thanks for your support, Harvee