Acoustic Music For Your Television

From Nov. 1992 to Aug. 2001, a small group of volunteer
acoustic music lovers donated their time and efforts to this
project. I believe it was a win-win situation for the performers
as well as our crew. For our part we were personally
entertained by some of the finest musicians we could gather
from across New England. The musicians, received television
exposure, and copies of the show to use as they wished.

There were many friends, friends of friends, co-workers,
neighbors and musicians who made Euphonious Mode possible.
I hope I thanked each of them properly, because they helped me
move through this once-in-a-lifetime experience with ease, and
come out the other side having grown in a most positiv way.
I would like to thank everyone connected to this project.
Thanks for all your help: Cox Communications staff;   
EM Crew: Thomas P. Martello, Diane Chodkowski, Tom Hearn,
Paul Rousseau, Alan L. Weiner, Fred Dahl, Linda LaBlanc Dahl,
Trysha Catucci, Brian Burke, Maria Pagliuso, Barry Tenin, Gail
Gagliardi, Mark Saunders, Greg Getman, Stan Sullivan, Matt
Hammer, Andrea Dato, Trish Nitshke, Don Craig,
Shirl Roccapriore, Brian Crampton, Harry Burlakoff.
Good Press Helped. Thanks, Ed McKeown and Orla Swift
Extra special talent arrangements: Rich F./the Acoustic Cafe
No music, no show. Thank You, to all the musicians who were
gracious enough to perform for our cameras. Their names are
listed on the site.
Special Thanks to: Tommy “The Ear” Martello. From the first
show to the last, you helped made it all work, and helped make
it all play.

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